Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

What is the legal status of Kratom in Thailand? Kratom is currently on Thailand’s Prohibited List of Plants for Use in Food. However, the Ministry of Public Health has not yet amended its list of prohibited plants. In addition, kratom has not been approved for use in the production of food or beverages under Thai Food and Drug Administration control.

Kratom Plant Removed From Narcotics List In Thailand

The Thai House of Representatives recently passed a bill to remove the kratom plant from its narcotics list. The plant, which is in the coffee family, is known for its relaxing effects, and is used as a traditional medicine. The bill still needs to be passed by the Senate before it becomes law, but once it does, the sale and consumption of kratom will be strictly regulated.


The move comes at a time when the Thai government is attempting to reduce the strain on its crowded prisons and overburdened legal system. The Justice Minister Somsak first proposed the kratom action in his Cabinet last year. The law is aimed at preventing the abuse of kratom, which is an inexpensive substitute for more expensive painkillers and provides income for those who cultivate the plant. Thailand is a poor country, and the move to remove kratom from its list may benefit the local economy.


Currently, kratom is prohibited for use in food and beverages produced in Thailand. This prohibition has led to a growing number of lawsuits. Under the proposed law, kratom will be legal for household cultivation and processing. Food and drug administration (FDA) approval is required for processing. In the meantime, there is a ban on kratom in the U.S. and a ban in several states.


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